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Soon, You Can Learn How to Build and Fly Drones at Open Works

A boy at the McDonogh School builds a drone, Courtesy Global Air Media

A new collaboration between Baltimore’s Open Works and Global Air Media makes the days when parents first sent their teenagers away to computer camp look like ancient history.

    Bird Taxidermy Class at Bazaar



    catch of the day fish (2)Those folks over at Bazaar certainly know how to keep the weird going. And yet, we can’t help but be endeared to every new (and strange) offering they come up with. Their latest? A hands-on workshop on how to do your own bird taxidermy. Yes, that’s right. Now you, too can stuff your own bird– and we don’t mean for Thanksgiving.

    The Gift: Glass Flower Workshop from Corradetti


    The gift

    What It Is:

    A mini-workshop where each participant creates their own 8-12″ glass flower. The master glassblowers at Corradetti Studio will show you how to stretch & pull 2,000 degree glass, and create your own unique piece of handmade glass art. Each participant will spend about 15 minutes working with the glass, so it’s short and sweet. Workshop offered Sunday, May 3rd at Corradetti Glassblow Studio.  Advanced registration required. $42.

    It’s Perfect For:

    Mother’s Day: We’re not saying you should send mom to play in a furnace full of molten glass (though, if she’s into that, maybe you should). But the beautiful glass flower that you’ll make in this mini-workshop is a great, unique gift you can give for Mother’s Day– and as long as you don’t drop it, it’ll last much longer than roses.

    Crafters: Most crafters get into making stuff because they love the challenge of making things with their hands. They love to see the process of turning raw materials into a thing of beauty. But blowing glass requires a lot of setup. Unless you’ve got all the right stuff ( and how many of us have a 2,000 degree furnace just sitting around?) glass blowing just isn’t something you can dip a toe into. But with a small one-day workshop like this, the crafter in your life can get to try their hand at this old school art form.

    Shiny Happy Things Workshop at AVAM


    AVAM 12

    catch of the day fish (2)You know the gorgeous, super-shiny Universal Tree of Life. Its the enormously flashy sculpture in front of AVAM made from mirrors and bits of glass that’s one of Baltimore’s most beloved images. Well, on Saturday, January 17th, you can join its creator, Bob Benson for a fabulous one-day workshop to learn how to make your own “Flashies”; that is, those dynamic, sparkling decorations made from mirrors and marbles and everything that Benson has become known for. Participants will receive instruction on cutting and assemblage and will leave the workshop with at least two finished decorations to keep and dangle wherever they choose. It’s perfect for beginners, or for those who’ve done a bit of flashy-ifying before. 

    The Gift: Victorian Hair Workshop at Bazaar


    The Gift

    What It Is: Why, it’s a spot in a Victorian Hair Jewelry-Making Workshop, of course! Back by popular demand (no, really) this workshop teaches students how to make authentic Victorian-style hair jewelry (that’s jewelry made from hair– not jewelry to put in your hair). Is it off the beaten, path? Absolutely. A little bit creepy and weird? Definitely. The exact perfect gift for someone you know? In all likelihood. If nothing else, it’s a 100% memorable gift– and definitely not something anyone is likely to already have. The workshop is hosted by Bazaar in Hampden and costs $135 (materials included).

    Who It’s Perfect for:

    Your Artist Friend: You know your artist friend who’s always exploring their inner demons, or expressing themselves through performance art that involves them squaking like a goose and hanging from the ceiling in a harness? Don’t we all have one of those? For folks whose tastes run to the less-than-predictable, this entirely unique opportunity offers the chance to get creative, crafty, and just a little weird all at the same time.

    The Steam Punk in Your Life: Is the term “steam punk” not ringing any bells? Don’t worry– you know them when you see them. Those folks walking around with pocket watches, old-fashioned spectacles, too many buttons and buckles on their shoes, and a kind of Sherlock Holmes-y demeanor? For those obsessed with the romance and nostalgia of simpler, more dawn-of-the-industrial-revolution-style days, this workshop will absolutely strike a chord. Perfect for those looking for a truly (and authentically eerie) old fashioned experience.

    The Victorian Hair Workshop at Bazaar will be held on Sunday, January 11th at Bazaar. For more information, or to reserve a space, visit www.bazaarbaltimore.com


    Learn Papercutting from Bmore Papercuts


    Papercutting Workshop

    You’ve undoubtedly seen the exquisite work of Bmore Papercuts— aka artist Annie  Howe. Her work has graced local gallery and coffee shop walls, the cover of the City Paper, and more. This traditional art form is certainly a skill that requires patience, practice, and a steady hand. But at the same time, it’s also a skill that anyone can learn, and that can look amazingly impressive– even when you’re a rookie. With the holidays coming up, papercutting is a good skill to have under your belt. You can make gorgeous cards, thoughtful, handmade gifts, and all manner of ornaments and decorations, as long as you’re armed with a few basic materials and some fundamentals of the form.

    Butterfly Entomology Workshop at Bazaar


    Entymology workshop

    catch of the day fish (2)If you’ve popped into Bazaar in in Hampden, you know that some of their offerings are truly, well, bizarre. It’s a carefully curated oddities and curiosities shop. And that can mean everything from jewelry made from quail feet, to civil war era doctors’ tools, to all manner of preserved specimens peering out at you from jars of formaldehyde. We love Bazaar because it functions as a perfect blend of antique store, museum, and place-you-can-actually-find-cool-stuff. But they don’t just sell cool stuff– they also offer the opportunity to learn how to make your own. Like with their DIY taxidermy workshops, for example.

    Acro Yoga Returns to Baltimore Yoga Village


    Acro Yoga

    catch of the day fish (2)It’s always amazing to watch hardcore yoga practitioners do their thing. Like, balancing upside down on one toe with their hands twisted behind their should blades. They can do that kind of stuff. So it’s not such a stretch for the yoga world to extend into the kind of circusy, kind of dancy acrobatics world. Many yogis have been getting into acrobatics, since it combines the balance, strength, and flexibility developed in yoga with the trust and communication that come with partner work. Plus, of course, it looks cool.

    TRE Workshops and Certification Training at Respite



    catch of the day fish (2)We’ve all had this experience: you’re going through a rough time in life, bad things are happening, stress is piling up, you’ve got way too many balls in the air, and bam! You’re suddenly laid out flat on your back with a wicked cold or flu. Coincidence? We think not. The body and mind are of course deeply interconnected, and in a pretty constant chicken-and-egg kind of dance. And it’s that kind of thinking that’s behind TRE™, a set of exercises that are based on neurological, biological and anatomical functioning that follow trauma and chronic tension. TRE™ is designed to tap into the body’s natural functioning to process the internalized effect of trauma and leave you renewed and restored– in both and physically emotionally better condition. It’s based on therapeutic approaches such as bioenergetics, tai chi, yoga and other eastern practices; and while you can often find a facilitator who offers TRE™ sessions, next month, Respite is offering the opportunity to become a facilitator yourself.

    Bazaar’s First Ever Hair Art Workshop


    Hair Art

     catch of the day fish (2)Who doesn’t love the idea of elegant, meticulously artful hairstyles? The term “hair art” or “hair jewelry” conjures images of Victorian princesses, or the elfin and hobbity maidens of Middle Earth with flowing locks entwined with ribbons, flowers, shells, gold threads, all of it. So naturally, when we heard that Bazaar (indisputably one of the city’s most unique shops) was offering a workshop focusing on hair art, we thought it sounded like an excellent opportunity to practice some medieval braiding techniques, or to spend an afternoon weaving daisy chain crowns. Not so. We should have known better—knowing Bazaar’s flair for, well, the bizarre. Sure, the workshop does teach some authentic techniques for creating authentic Victorian Hair Art—but it’s maybe not exactly what you’d expect.