The gift

What It Is:

A mini-workshop where each participant creates their own 8-12″ glass flower. The master glassblowers at Corradetti Studio will show you how to stretch & pull 2,000 degree glass, and create your own unique piece of handmade glass art. Each participant will spend about 15 minutes working with the glass, so it’s short and sweet. Workshop offered Sunday, May 3rd at Corradetti Glassblow Studio.  Advanced registration required. $42.

It’s Perfect For:

Mother’s Day: We’re not saying you should send mom to play in a furnace full of molten glass (though, if she’s into that, maybe you should). But the beautiful glass flower that you’ll make in this mini-workshop is a great, unique gift you can give for Mother’s Day– and as long as you don’t drop it, it’ll last much longer than roses.

Crafters: Most crafters get into making stuff because they love the challenge of making things with their hands. They love to see the process of turning raw materials into a thing of beauty. But blowing glass requires a lot of setup. Unless you’ve got all the right stuff ( and how many of us have a 2,000 degree furnace just sitting around?) glass blowing just isn’t something you can dip a toe into. But with a small one-day workshop like this, the crafter in your life can get to try their hand at this old school art form.