Grand Prix naysayers take note: At least one good thing came out of Baltimore’s controversial bid to host a major IndyCar race. An adorable kitten found a home. (More pictures below the jump!)

Driver Josef Newgarden was recruited by BARCS to participate in its “Show Your Soft Side” campaign, in which semi-famous tough dudes (baseball players, racecar drivers, etc.) pose with cuddly animals to dissuade animal abuse. BARCS asked Newgarden to pose with MJ, a teeny kitten. Not only did the two pose together adorably, they fell in love. A few weeks ago, Newgarden decided he wanted to adopt MJ for real, and sent in the paperwork to BARCS. Needless to say, he was approved.

MJ is bigger now, but no less adorable.
MJ is bigger now, but no less adorable.

On Friday, Southwest Airlines flew MJ from Baltimore to Nashville, where Newgarden lives. Let’s just all say it together now:  Awwwwwwwwwww.