Del. Heather Mizeur via WBALTV

I bet Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Douglas F. Gansler figured he had the libertine vote all wrapped up after it was revealed that he had not only condoned but helped to fund an at least moderately debauched week-long party for his high school senior son and 11 of his classmates. But opponent Del. Heather Mizeur has upped the party-animal ante by announcing Tuesday that she supports legalizing marijuana for adults 21-and-up in Maryland.

Mizeur says that the regulation and taxation of the drug could generate, like, over $100 million annually in revenue for the state. She figures that’s enough to ensure every Maryland child has access to prekindergarten educational programs or whatever.

Which is, like, so dank of her.

But seriously, another of Mizeur’s stated reasons for supporting legalization are on the criminal justice side of the equation. She states definitively, “Marijuana laws ruin lives, are enforced with racial bias and distract law enforcement from serious and violent crimes.” Sounds about right to me!

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