What Guy Fieri Thinks About Baltimore

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You may know Fieri from his Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives–or from the famously bad review his Times Square restaurant got in the New York Times. He’s also the man behind the flagship restaurant at Baltimore’s just-opened Horseshoe Casino.

The obvious selling point of Fieri’s new restaurant is Fieri himself. Maybe that’s why they named the place (no kidding) “Guy Fieri’s Baltimore Kitchen & Bar.” At GFBK&B you can get Guy Fries, Guy-Carb Dippers and Guy-Talian Deli Salad, as well as a host of other menu items that you may be too embarrassed to say out loud (The Off-Da-Hook Original Burger; Brutha’s Badass Caes-Uh Salad; Righteous Rojo Rings).
Fieri has been promoting the restaurant by giving interviews about how much he loves Baltimore. Here’s what Fieri appreciates about us, according to a recent Daily Record interview:

+We’re “so crab-centric”
+Our blue crabs are “outrageous”
+We’ve got great sports teams
+We’re “awesome”
+We have “real crab cakes”

In other words, Fieri’s impression of Baltimore is about as deep as a one-page promotional brochure. It doesn’t seem like Fieri will be revamping his reputation as the nation’s resident foodiot anytime soon.

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  1. That pic is SO appropriate. A poorly styled, frat-boy wannabe with a fetish for those oh-so-cool (NOT) mirrored sunglasses. Wow, what a character…Can’t wait to bypass his restaurant.

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