Doughnuts have always been popular among those with a breakfast-y sweet tooth (and cops). But for some reason, those delectable dough rings have become increasingly trendy in recent years. And what better way to celebrate than sampling a few–on National Doughnut Day, no less?

Baltimore has been an eager participant in the doughnut boom, which means you have several options for how you can celebrate today’s holiday:

  • You could opt to try out one of the city’s hip new bakeries — like, say, Hampden’s B Doughnut, which describes its offerings as “artisinal” without any apparent irony at all. Today, they’re offering doughnut ice cream sandwiches (swoon), with Taharka Brothers ice cream as the filling.
  • You could go wacky in a more traditional way at the long-beloved Fractured Prune (with locations in Parkville, Towson, and elsewhere), where you can get your doughnuts with a key lime glaze, or bacon sprinkles, or… both?
  • You could lurk outside the lone Krispy Kreme store in the greater Baltimore region until the HOT sign switches on and then order yourself (why not?) a dozen.
  • Or you could choose to seek out an old-school Baltimore bakery, like Woodlea Bakery in Bel Air or Hoehn’s in Highlandtown. Artisinal shmartisinal! Just give me some chocolate glaze, please.