Here’s How Horseshoe Baltimore Plans to Hire Local

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Downtown Baltimore’s imminent full-blown casino, Horseshoe Baltimore (formerly Harrah’s), has agreed to make “commercially reasonable efforts” to award many of its 1,700 jobs to city residents. Now, to my mind, agreeing to make a “reasonable effort” is  far cry from actually agreeing to do the thing. But the agreement has a few more teeth than that.

As part of its reasonable efforts, the casino’s developers have agreed to fund — at up to $80,000 — a dedicated Community Recruitment Coordinator to identify qualified candidates locally through the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development. Of course, $80,000 is nothing considering the millions already spent on Question 7. So who knows if that money is simply the price of making everything look “reasonable.”

I’m sure local media will be keeping tabs on the results of these efforts. So maybe shame will be sufficient motivation not to outsource too many of these jobs.



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