Columbia-based cannabis business Remedy Maryland is already expanding its retail footprint to three locations. Credit: Scott Maucione.

Adult use of marijuana outside of Maryland’s medical program will become legal on July 1 next year but the state’s legislative arm must still hash out rules from taxation to regulating sales from marijuana dispensaries. That means it’s unlikely that dispensaries will be able to sell marijuana to anyone at least 21 years old or older in the next seven months. The voter referendum, which passed with 66% of the vote statewide, legalizes recreational marijuana but the state legislature, known as the General Assembly, is tasked to build a framework for the industry.

Details like license distribution or measuring consumer demand needs to be hammered out. Adults can grow two of their own marijuana plants at home and possess up to 1.5 ounces of bud. It’s unclear how much recreational marijuana may cost consumers or how much the state tax would be.

In California and Colorado recreational marijuana sales tax is 15% while in Arizona it’s 16% and 17% in Oregon. Washington state levies a 37% tax on recreational marijuana.

Medical marijuana patients are not taxed for medicine but the state does charge for patient identification cards. Insurance does not cover the cost of marijuana. Out of pocket charges include the cost of a doctor visit which runs between $100 to $300 for providers familiar with marijuana.

The licensing process for a new marijuana dispensary usually takes several months.

“Then to build facilities it typically also takes months,” said John Hudak, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who advised the Maryland legislature on marijuana issues.

Cannabis is grown as any other agricultural crop in cycles, though highly regulated on the state level. It takes between three to four months for a seed to become a plant that has a harvestable flower, or bud.

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32 replies on “Here’s what to expect in Maryland when recreational marijuana is legal in 2023”

  1. Why isn’t anyone addressing CANNABINOID HYPEREMESIS SYNDROME?
    You’ll see, like they have in the Emergency Departments in Colorado, and other states that have had legal marijuana longer- there’s gonna be a lot of sick people coming into the the emergency rooms. The doctors and nurses don’t even know what CHS is, let alone how to treat it.

    1. It’s a relatively uncommon condition. It’s believed to be caused by regularly consuming excessive amounts of delta-9 thc. The cure is to stop consuming cannabis, and if going through withdrawal effects it’s recommended to take a warm shower as that can alleviate the unpleasant feelings associated with it. Anyone that is using thc moderately and responsibly should not have to worry. As cannabis is legalized and doctors become more familiar with related ailments it will probably be handled more effectively and I doubt it will provide a significant strain on ERs.

    2. Don’t worry about it. Enough doctors do actually know about it and are likely to become more aware as this unfolds. Prescribe some zofran, move on. CHS isn’t the biggest concern of recreational cannabis legalization, and it’s a weird one to fixate on. There are plenty of other medical issues to focus on that have longer lasting effects and come to the detriment of individuals’ qualities of life and tax payers.

    3. I’m guessing that it would be way less than the amount of people they see for oxy abuse or the amount of people they pronounce dead because of drinking while driving. Be real it has been proven that alcohol is super deadly and kills many people every year but that’s ok but God forbid people smoke pot and go to the emergency room alive instead of being pulled out of a totaled car dead. Just my thoughts. Shit gun violence has killed more

  2. What to expect when you live in apartment and the Marijuana smoke drifts into my apartment and inhaled by my baby. Alcohol affects the individual but smoke travels. Is there a Marijuana test if driving under the influence?

    1. Dollar tree sells them. I don’t know how effective them but I don’t know if they will have them in a squad cars. They’d better have a lot of them. Just because it’s legal to smoke doesn’t mean it’s legal to drive or work under the influence

    2. The last time I lived in an apartment. I read my lease very carefully and found out there is such thing as “quiet enjoyment”. It’s supposed to ensure that you can peaceably enjoy your dwelling without interference from neighbors. Report it to your rental office and if nothing happens to help you and you have to move, they (your rental office) are responsible for your moving expenses. Read your lease carefully as leases are different.

  3. Been smoking it regularly for over 50 years. Daily for the last 40. Alcohol poisoning deaths happen every day. Can’t say the same about Marijuana. You must be about 90 years old.

    1. It’s hilarious how potheads are so proud and track their usage like its an accomplishment. Lol
      Its a drug that makes you slow, stupid, cough incessantly and lose the ability to enjoy things unless you are high.

  4. I knew I’d live long enough to see this come to fruition! Thank all who voted ✌️🇺🇸 💪 😎

  5. I been smoking weed for about 47 years an never went to er,some folks are ridiculous maybe them folk were high on alcohol, cocaine,crack ,ect

  6. It is interesting that the state has all but showed their greed for the money to be had with the legalizing of Mayans, but no thought is given to those with breathing conditions and how it will affect their heath. What a few sacrifice of people lungs; the state is getting RICH or the ones who are the growers and the distributors.

    1. It will not affect no one even with breathing issues . Medical marijuana is used by babies all the way through elderly/hospice for many different reasons. It’s not that serious

  7. Now hopefully testing for weed in the workplace will become accurate and not punish those who smoked a few days before Currently they force you into rehab or you lose your job

    1. I’m sure there’s a difference between medical marijuana and street marijuana. My problem is when people smoke skunk weed.

  8. I now live in a non smoking building. Even medical marajuana is not allowed, per state law. The smoke does trigger asthma, does exacerbate other lung conditions (edibles/tinctures do not. There is a study that has come out showing it causes more emphysema than smoking. I have tinctures for pain since opiod allergies. Deadly Disease More Common In Cannabis Smokers Than Cigarette Smokers

  9. You hot these people saying how’s it gonna effect others driving when they smoke yet real alcohol has been legal how long look whats happened with all the stuff people that drink have done what have u really heard about a pot head doing u all even said it it mellos u out and slows you down a Lil I can at least catch a buzz an talk to u normally maybe laugh at something I thinks funny but I can do it without slurring or stumbling around if u don’t like it good for you don’t bash others for something that Dr’s prescribe that help children an all I don’t see a Dr writting a script saying yeah here I prescribe 2 bottles of jack Daniel’s to help with those symptoms lol lol

  10. These comments lol. I love how people who dont smoke ridicule those of us that do, yet most drink to get drunk but that’s ok? Alchohol is a drug too but no one shames them. Smokers dont bother people, those that do would prolly bother people anyways stoned or not. First, second hand smoke from weed is not that serious. It’s nothing like tobacco and cigarettes. Second, the smokers know how long they have been smoking and how much for how long but drinkers could answer the same way, so can cigarette smokers. Stop shaming people for doing what they want. If I have to listen to your kids yell and run around in the apartment above me you can deal with the smoke that makes me not bitch at you for it. Everyone smokes now anyways. Most likely your neighbors were already smoking in their appartment. What people need to get hip to is Hemp and how our society can benefit from it.Legalization will hopefully open doors for this. At one time in this country you could be fined for not growing hemp because it’s so useful. You can even build a car and run it off hemp and its oils. Hemp can make clothes, it’s very refined now and is soft like cotton and not like a burlap sack, oil and plastics that biodegrade to name a few.

  11. Its astonishing to see so much rampant mis-information about cannabis and its consumption in these comments. people should take the time to educate themselves on this plant. Americans have been lied to since 1929 and the stigma that was created is slowly being smashed to bits. Second hand smoke from Cannabis does not cause asthma, In fact there are certain strains that act as a Bronchodilator, which help make breathing easier.

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