Homesick for Baltimore? Order Baltimore in a Box

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Maybe your child just went off to college in another state, or maybe your best friend just moved to Chicago for a new job–in any case, chances are you know someone who is homesick for Baltimore. So why not send them Baltimore in a Box?

The concept is pretty self-explanatory: The B.I.A.B. contains classic local products that are sure to bring on waves of nostalgia for home — think Natty Boh, Berger Cookies, Zeke’s coffee, Old Bay, Utz crab chips, Mouth Party caramels, Domino sugar cubes. The box may also contain some non-food items, like a copy of the Baltimore City Paper or some of those iconic yellow-and-pink Big Boyz Bail Bonds pens.

At $35 a pop, they’re not cheap. You could probably go out an assemble a Baltimore-themed gift box yourself for around that same price. But the B.I.A.B. crew will do it all for you, and they’ll throw in a few surprise gifts to boot. It may not be a cure for Baltimore homesickness, but it sounds like a pretty good remedy nonetheless.

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  1. My fiancé is stationed at Guantanamo Bay until August.. I’m sure he would love one of these! Can’t wait to send him some Baltimore in a box hon!

  2. I am from Baltimore but I live in Michigan and if they were to add some snicker doodle cookies from the great cookie I would buy a box today

  3. I ordered a box and sent to my niece for her birthday in Los Angeles. Upon receipt she sent me a text, which included this- “I may have teared up a little…And then ate a Mouth Party Caramel for breakfast.” Perfect!

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