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Two Baltimore natives and Johns Hopkins graduates have created a smart appliance system to make it easier for families and working professionals to have a home-prepared meal without having to cook it themselves.

The appliance, called Celcy, is currently in its beta program and is looking for 100 individuals to test it out during a three-month trial of their “full menu of chef-prepared foods.”

Celcy stores frozen meals on one side of the appliance, moves them to its oven side when they’re ready to be prepared, cooks the meals, and tracks users’ preferences to offer suggestions.

Users can schedule meals at a particular time and, using a mobile app, direct Celcy to unpack and cook meals.

“With all of the delivery and prepared food options, there is still a tremendous challenge consumers face with getting the food they want when they want it — and they all require you to participate in the prep and cooking,” said Celcy co-founder and CEO Max Wieder in a statement. “My partner Eddie and I created Celcy so you can enjoy your food without being around and reclaim your time to do more of what you love. We are excited to open our beta program and have people joining the Celcy life and be part of the future — getting at-home chef-prepared food, without the personal chef cost and no time commitment.”

The Celcy Beta Program testers will be able to customize their meal plans to personal preferences after receiving their first 15 meals free and having shared their experience with founders.

“We are so excited for our launch of the Beta Program and to have people experience this revolutionary way to get chef-prepared meals at home,” said Celcy co-founder and CTO Eddie Holzinger. “Our design and technology are disrupting not only the food delivery service industry, but also the way people have traditionally prepared and cooked meals. In an increasingly on-the-go and remote world, Celcy’s unique technology enables us to continue saving busy people’s time and money so they can focus more on what they love doing and live their best life.”

Learn more about Celcy’s Beta Program by visiting,

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  1. One of the principals of this company was a student of mine at Hopkins when I first came back to Baltimore. I have been following him and look forward to being part of the beta program.

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