How CHAT Helped Katie Fink Connect

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Katie Fink

In her mid-twenties, Katie Fink felt like something was missing in her life.

A Baltimore native, Katie returned to Baltimore after attending college in Ithaca, New York and started looking for ways to connect with her peers. That’s why she signed up for CHAT: Conversations Happening Around Town, a program through IMPACT (The Associated’s young adult division) that brings together young adults in Jewish Baltimore to meet new people and explore available opportunities in Jewish Baltimore.

“I didn’t want to go to Associated events by myself,” explains Katie. “And CHAT was a great way to meet people.”

She had such a meaningful experience that, the following year, she acted as a host for CHAT – inviting people into her home in order to guide them through Jewish Baltimore. For six sessions, Katie invited people into her home and led people to Associated and agency events across the city.

Katie’s Jewish journey extends beyond Baltimore as well. Through JDC Entwine, a one-of-a-kind movement for young Jewish leaders who want to make a meaningful impact on global Jewish needs, Katie traveled to Ukraine and, later, Cuba.

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