It takes a lot of bake sale cookies to make $4.5 billion...
It takes a lot of bake sale cookies to make $4.5 billion…
It takes a lot of bake sale cookies to make $4.5 billion…

This weekend, Johns Hopkins president Ronald Daniels announced that the university is launching its biggest fundraising effort yet, with a goal of amassing $4.5 billion by 2017 in order to “advance human knowledge, solve global problems, and enhance the student experience.” In other words, it wants to go on a giant institutional shopping spree.

Nearly $2 billion of that goal has already been raised since 2010, when the university launched the “quiet phase” of the campaign it made public this week. That giant gift from Michael Bloomberg earlier this year makes up a sizable chunk of it. The university’s previous fundraising campaign, which ended in 2008, added up to $3.741 billion, which was the second-largest university fundraising campaign at that time.

Here’s where that money will go:

  • $2.4 billion will go to Johns Hopkins Medicine, which includes the six hospitals in the Johns Hopkins Health System and the School of Medicine. The remaining $2.1 billion is for the rest of the university.
  • Half the total sum — $2.25 billion — is for research and program support.
  • Another $968.5 million is set aside for faculty support, which would allow Hopkins to endow 150 professorships in the School of Medicine and another 150 for the rest of the university.
  • Seventeen percent of the goal ($753 million) will go to undergraduate student aid, grad student fellowships, and continuing education.
  • Nine percent will go to buildings and other capital needs, including new buildings for the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Nursing.
  • $100 million will go to The Johns Hopkins Institute for the American City, one of the school’s “signature initiatives.” This one aims to bring together faculty, urban scholars, and leaders from the private sector and government, in order to come up with solutions for “fostering economic growth, improving schools, reducing violence, addressing health issues, cultivating the arts, and revitalizing Baltimore and other U.S. cities.”
  • Another $100 million will go to the Johns Hopkins Global Health Initiative, which would leverage the university’s experts to build a “pipeline of discovery” to combat noncommunicable diseases, infectious diseases, and injuries, and to support nutrition and the health of women and children.
  • A further $100 million is for the Johns Hopkins Science of Learning Institute, which is a brain-centric collaboration between neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, computer scientists, and education experts to figure out how we learn — and how we can do it better.
  • A fourth $100 million will go to the Johns Hopkins Institute for Water, which is pretty much just what it sounds like.
  • Finally, $300 million is earmarked for the Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative, which will explore how health care professionals can give patients customized treatment after considering DNA sequencing, methylational analyses, RNA expression levels, and other complicated things.