I Voted! But Was I Informed?

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So I fulfilled a certain civic duty today — you know, the one on which our whole system of government purportedly rests — and was happy to register my opinions on Maryland’s major ballot questions, but surprised myself at how little of the 11-screen electronic ballot that accounted for. That is to say, despite what I thought was a reasonable amount of information-gathering this year (though I admit I never quite got around to figuring out what the deal was with those Orphan’s Court questions), I was still too ignorant to cast votes on the majority of what was being put before me.

In the last gasps of the campaign season, I thought I’d throw one more poll at you, albeit an informal one. Among those who voted, were you informed on the bulk of the races and ballot questions? When it cam to issues you hadn’t previously heard of or considered, did you just read the question and wing it?

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  1. My husband & I took the sample ballot & researched all of the questions (except the 2 orphan questions) to determine how we were going to vote. I just didn’t answer those questions. On the other issues, I felt pretty confident that I researched unbiased info to make my decision. Glad I did!

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