Ice Cubes Made from Coffee Coming to Baltimore Starbucks Locations

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Local lovers of Starbucks iced coffee no longer have to dread a watered-down disappointment in their order.

The global coffee behemoth will be testing out ice cubes made from coffee ice cubes at 100 of its locations in Baltimore and St. Louis, CNBC reported this week.

“As a company, we often test new products, programs and ideas to gather feedback from our customers and partners (employees),” a spokesperson said rather generically to the outlet.

The idea is, of course, to keep those pesky everyday ice cubes from melting and diluting the beverage, frustrating the drinker who craves more caffeine in their cup. For an extra 80 cents, Starbucks is offering to solve that problem.

The cubes will be available for at least the next eight weeks. Honestly, most shopping centers have a Starbucks, but if you can’t find one, here’s a search tool on the company’s website listing about 50 area locations.

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