Yesterday, the owners of Parkville’s Bel-Loc Diner announced that it will be closing and that the location will most likely become a Starbucks.

The idea of the local landmark with its iconic neon sign being turned into yet another outpost of the ubiquitous coffee chain has left some people unhappy. “Unfortunately, it will not be possible to preserve the current structure,” the owners claimed on Facebook.

But not everyone is satisfied with that answer. Preservation Maryland issued a statement urging Starbucks to rehabilitate and reuse the current building, rather than knocking it down. This isn’t such a far-fetched idea; the company has figured out how to adapt other architecturally interesting structures into coffee franchises. Sign the petition if you agree.

2 replies on “Iconic Parkville Diner May Become a Starbucks”

  1. Ask anyone who has actually eaten there and I would be the most common answer was “It was the only place open after a night of drinking”. If you think maintaining an asbestos-filled building just because it looks “iconic”, don’t complain when development keeps creeping into your neighborhood. With that said, they better never close Baynesville Electronics.

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