It’s Not Just Murders That Are Up in Baltimore

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crime scene

As you’ve likely heard, Baltimore has already surpassed its highest-ever per capita murder rate. But the city’s problems in 2015 went beyond just murder.

A glance at the Baltimore City Police Department’s public stats shows that while homicides are up 63 percent over last year, other categories of crime saw an even more significant increase. Non-fatal shootings rose by 73 percent compared to 2014. Car-jackings were up 68 percent. Robberies of convenience stores and gas stations more than doubled this year.

It wasn’t all bad news out there– attempted rapes were down 28 percent. House robberies declined this year, as did “misc. robberies” — but that might just be because the miscellaneous ones got categorized as something else. It’s important to remember that on the whole, violent crime in the U.S. is down dramatically from where it’s been in the past. But still, it’s been a very bad year for Baltimore in many ways.

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  1. The Mayor doesn’t care, the Police don’t care! Sheila cares, Sheila loves Baltimore and Baltimore loves her. Sheila deserves another term as Mayor. Sheila deserves four more chances.

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