Merry Christmas: Joe Flacco Bought VR Gaming Consoles for the Entire Ravens Offensive Line

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Courtesy @JohnCUrschel/Twitter

Christmas came early today for 14 Baltimore Ravens players entrusted with protecting Joe Flacco in the pocket.

According to ESPN, the quarterback left Oculus VR headsets and accompanying Alienware gaming hardware outside each of his OL teammates’ lockers today. They found them when they returned back from their meetings. Flacco left the same note on each one: “Merry Christmas, From Joe.”

Center and noted brainiac John Urschel shared this picture of the surprise present with the world:

Amazon lists the gaming bundles at $3,000 apiece, meaning the quarterback likely spent more than $42,000 in total on the gifts. Of course, it’s worth remembering that he’s making an average of $22 million a year through 2018, so he can afford presents on a larger scale.

The timing of the early delivery is fitting, since the Ravens will be too busy playing a very crucial game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Christmas Day for the players to try out their new futuristic gaming devices. As Flacco noted to ESPN, he may be expecting a reward in the form of extra protection that would preclude him getting sacked. This year, he’s been sacked 28 times.

“Yeah, maybe for one game. That would be nice,” he told reporters.

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