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Event Pick: City Garage Hosts Baltimore’s Inaugural VR Olympics

Image via Wikimedia Commons

As the clock ticks for a certain winter sport competition to begin in South Korea this week, City Garage is hosting a much smaller, more futuristic version of the Olympics tonight in South Baltimore.

Light City Exhibit Offers Look at Bygone Relics Through Augmented and Visual Reality


Slightly more than two years ago, Islamic State militants stormed through Mosul, Iraq, destroying priceless artifacts that its members had deemed “idolatrous.” This week at the Columbus Center in the Inner Harbor, Light City is offering a chance to visitors to peer in at these lost relics using augmented and virtual reality tools.

Merry Christmas: Joe Flacco Bought VR Gaming Consoles for the Entire Ravens Offensive Line

Courtesy @JohnCUrschel/Twitter

Christmas came early today for 14 Baltimore Ravens players entrusted with protecting Joe Flacco in the pocket.

UMBC to Build Giant Virtual Reality Environment



If you still think of virtual reality as something that involves bulky goggles and awkward holograms, think again. The cutting edge of VR today involves hybrid environments, where the virtual and the actual coexist (and interact). And thanks to a major grant from the National Science Foundation, a group of professors from UMBC is embarking on a quest to build a state-of-the-art virtual reality environment right in our own back yard.