If you’re disappointed that the Ravens, unlike most Super Bowl champions, won’t be playing their season kick-off game at home, take heart in the fact that promotions for the game in Denver have royally ticked off Broncos fans.

Posters featuring Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco — “one of the most hated people” in Denver, according to one resident — have been plastered all over the Mile High City in advance of the Ravens-Broncos game on September 5. There’s even a huge one hanging at their stadium. And the locals are outraged.

Fans are venting on Twitter, calling the publicity campaign a marketing fail and demanding that Peyton Manning posters be put up in Baltimore as retribution. One guy even suggested boycotting Pepsi, the game’s sponsor, in protest.

It’s like we’ve already won.

One reply on “Joe Flacco’s Likeness Plastered All Over Denver; Broncos Fans Peeved”

  1. Sorry Denver – we’d hate it too, but blame the NFL – they have to eat some “crow” after ignoring our Super Bowl Champs’ logistics and scheduling this opening game on the same night as an O’s game.

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