John Waters Gives the Best Graduation Speech

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John Waters Remakes Pink Flamingos for Children

We’ve had some excellent commencement speakers visiting Baltimore over the past few weeks (and past few years). But no one is quite like John Waters.

Baltimore’s most beloved weirdo spoke at the Rhode Island School of Design’s 2015 commencement. The self-described “filth elder” gives the graduates tons of unexpected, hilarious advice. It’s full of gems like “don’t hate all rich people,” “spy,” “when you get older, you’ll need youth spies” “use technology for transgression, not lazy social living” and  “not being around assholes should be the goal of every graduate here today.” He talks trigger warning, failure, and tattoos. But summarizing doesn’t really do it justice; take 15 minutes and watch the whole thing (or read the transcript here).

The only flaw in this speech, really, is that it was given in Providence, not Baltimore.

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