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John Waters Gives the Best Graduation Speech


John Waters Remakes Pink Flamingos for Children

We’ve had some excellent commencement speakers visiting Baltimore over the past few weeks (and past few years). But no one is quite like John Waters.

Watch YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki’s Johns Hopkins Commencement Address


Last week, Susan Wojcicki became the fifth woman to serve as commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins University.

After acknowledging that she didn’t remember a word of her own commencement speech, she pointed out that most of the day’s graduates had no memory of the time before the internet. She also name-dropped David After Dentist, Hero Cat, and Gangnam Style.

The Best Baltimore High School Graduation Speech That No One’s Given Yet


2011 Aspen Ideas Festival - Day 5

I’m a big fan of Ta-Nehisi Coates, the Atlantic columnist/memoirist/all around sharp guy. Late last week, someone wrote in and asked him what he’d tell the graduating class at Poly, his alma mater, if he was invited back to give a speech. First, Coates points out that while at Poly he failed English, got suspended for assaulting a teacher, and was eventually asked to leave the school (twice!). “So, you see, it is highly unlikely that I would ever be invited back to Poly to address the students,” he writes. (In his stead, he nominates his older brother Malik, a Poly grad who now works for Dreamworks.) But then he goes on to sketch out the sort of speech he would give, if presented with the chance to speak to a class of Baltimore high school students — and it’s pretty rad.

UPDATE: Commencement Speaker Extravaganza: Baseball Players, Hollywood Directors, and More!



Well, we know one person who is not going to be a graduation speaker this year. (That would be Hopkins’s Dr. Ben Carson, who opted not to give the speech at the graduation for the Johns Hopkins Medical School after students protested his homophobic remarks.) Here’s who’s speaking at local schools this year: