Watch YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki’s Johns Hopkins Commencement Address

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Last week, Susan Wojcicki became the fifth woman to serve as commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins University.

After acknowledging that she didn’t remember a word of her own commencement speech, she pointed out that most of the day’s graduates had no memory of the time before the internet. She also name-dropped David After Dentist, Hero Cat, and Gangnam Style.

She also talks about her pals Larry Page and Sergey Brin eating pizza and M&Ms as they built Google in Wojcicki’s garage. “Opportunities are messy and confusing and hard to recognize,” she says. “You have to make decisions based on the fact that the world is going to continue to change… and belief in this technology, however small today, is going to be big in the future.” Cue 1,000 new tech start-ups by Johns Hopkins graduates…

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