John Waters’s Friendship with Md. Tea Partier Still Going Strong

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John Waters Goes Hitchhiking
Bret Bidle and John Waters, via

When filmmaker and Baltimore icon John Waters hitchhiked across the country a couple years back, he was picked up by one 20-year-old Bret Bidle, a Frederick County town councilman with Tea Party affiliations.

You might think that a devoutly Methodist Tea Partier would have little in common with a filmmaker who made his name transgressing social norms. And you’d be right. But that didn’t stop Bidle and Waters from hitting it off, apparently.

Bidle was even given the key to Waters’s San Francisco apartment, and told the New York Times about what a swell guy the “Pope of Trash” is.

Bidle even got an unedited copy of Waters’s book, Carsick, documenting the director’s hitchhiking excursion. He said he’s only read a few portions of it. His take? “Kind of shocking.”

Even two years later, the right-winger has faith in their odd-couple friendship. “Three or five years from now, I still expect to meet up with John,” he told the Frederick News-Post. “We’re just good friends. It’s hard to believe that, but he’s made a great impact on my life so far.”

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  1. Honest Liberals and honest Conservatives get along just fine if they enjoy life and have a sense of humor – nice!

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