Johns Hopkins Graduation Will Move Indoors

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It’s lovely to have your graduation ceremony outside–as long as the weather cooperates, the mosquitos stay away, and no one’s grandmother faints from standing in the sun too long. In fact, most local universities–from MICA to Morgan State–hold their commencements indoors. And as of next year, Johns Hopkins will join them.

Not only will graduation happen inside, it’s going to take place off campus–at the Royal Farms Arena in downtown Baltimore, to be precise–the university announced this week. The arena was chosen because it’s climate-controlled while also being big¬†enough that graduates will be able to invite as many guests as they’d like.

The decision to move the ceremony from its previous spot at the center of campus on Homewood Field was made after a few years of either “brutally hot” or “unseasonably cold and rainy” weather on graduation day, Hopkins President Ron Daniels said.

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