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Three Minutes of Wisdom from John Waters

John Waters receives honorary degree from MICA
John Waters received today an honorary degree from MICA. Photo courtesy MICA.
Call him Dr. Waters.
As promised, the Maryland Institute College of Art gave Baltimore writer and filmmaker John Waters an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree during its commencement ceremony today, in recognition of his “body of work across creative disciplines.”

Famous Filmmakers, Billionaires Speak at Baltimore Commencements

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense
Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense

2016 is going to be quite a year for graduation ceremonies at Baltimore-area colleges and universities. Perhaps because of all the high-profile media attention the city got over the past year, we’ve wound up with an impressive slate of speakers–from Academy Award nominees to bestselling authors to politicans– planning on imparting their wisdom to eager graduates this year. 

Johns Hopkins Graduation Will Move Indoors



It’s lovely to have your graduation ceremony outside–as long as the weather cooperates, the mosquitos stay away, and no one’s grandmother faints from standing in the sun too long. In fact, most local universities–from MICA to Morgan State–hold their commencements indoors. And as of next year, Johns Hopkins will join them.