Baltimore Interfaith Solar Co-op gest area solar buyers deep discounts by buying as one group. Now that's kumbaya harmony.
Baltimore Interfaith Solar Co-op helps buyers get deep discounts by buying as one group.

If you’ve had the slightest inkling that solar-powered electricity may work for your home, you should check out the Baltimore Interfaith Solar co-op. The solar co-op was created by two very cool non-profits, Interfaith Power & Light and Community Power Network, and any Baltimore City and Baltimore County homeowner can join until November 30th.

The co-op’s mission is simple: help bring affordable renewable energy to everyday homeowners. By bringing a bunch of solar buyers together and bidding as one group, the co-op’s recent fall bid netted a 30 percent discount as compared to buying a system on your own.

The timing is great as solar panel prices have recently plummeted making solar affordable. And, it gets better. The juicy federal tax incentive (depends on your tax situation) and the $1,000 Maryland state rebate are applied after the co-op’s discounted solar system price. 

Solar energy is emission-free, a plus for our beleaguered climate. And, solar can be great for your wallet.  Once you’ve paid off the system’s initial investment with ongoing electricity savings, a solar system then generates free electricity. 

Every home’s solar installation is different and is based on a home’s roof type and orientation to the sun and a home’s square footage and electricity usage. Expect a call to discuss your home’s situation and then a site visit before a project estimate is calculated for your home.

Sixty-two families have already enrolled this fall and through their group bid process the co-op has chosen the solar installer 21st Century Power Solutions.

Joe Halloran lives in the Baltimore City Barclay neighborhood and enrolled in the co-op this fall. “We’ve been interested in solar for years, but a bit hesitant to move forward. Our friends in Mount Rainier said the co-op was solid and provided invaluable support throughout the process. We are excitedly waiting for our proposal.”

Click here for coop details and also to join. Or, contact the cop-op’s director Chris Yeazel at 912.401.7924 or

Who knows, maybe your home will soon be powered by renewable and emission-free solar electricity?

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Laurel Peltier

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