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Join B’more Solar Energy Co-op and Save Big

Baltimore Interfaith Solar Co-op gest area solar buyers deep discounts by buying as one group. Now that's kumbaya harmony.
Baltimore Interfaith Solar Co-op helps buyers get deep discounts by buying as one group.

If you’ve had the slightest inkling that solar-powered electricity may work for your home, you should check out the Baltimore Interfaith Solar co-op. The solar co-op was created by two very cool non-profits, Interfaith Power & Light and Community Power Network, and any Baltimore City and Baltimore County homeowner can join until November 30th.

The co-op’s mission is simple: help bring affordable renewable energy to everyday homeowners. By bringing a bunch of solar buyers together and bidding as one group, the co-op’s recent fall bid netted a 30 percent discount as compared to buying a system on your own.