This post is super duper basic. I want to know what tools you need in your kitchen. Everyone has tools they use all the time and would be lost without. I taught a cooking class at a friend’s house recently and left my favorite spatula behind. You would have thought I left my dog there, I missed it so much! Yes, it’s probably weird that I have a favorite spatula.

Here are some of my faves — a few of them I really didn’t know existed until I really started cooking the last few years (the silicone pie crust thing rules).  To say that I can’t live without these things is a bit dramatic, but they do make my life a whole lot easier! 

Microplane grater – i use it to grate cheese, zest lemons, mince garlic, onions, chocolate and more.

Silicone pie crust shield – no more wrangling foil — ever!

Accusharp knife sharpener – a great little tool if you don’t want to invest in a Chef’s Choice

OXO angled measuring cups – so easy to use – no more ‘eye balling’ your measurements

Victorinox chef’s knife – amazing quality for the price

Henckels paring knives – great quality and the colors make them easy to spy in kitchen drawers

Cuisinart immersion blender – great for soups, salad dressings

Melamine mixing bowls – great because they have no-slip bottoms and spouts

Pyrex pie plates pie plates – recommended by America’s Test Kitchens – pie cooks very evenly

Salt and pepper mills – using sea salt and peppercorns gives much fresher flavor

Williams-Sonoma silicone spatulas – I have three and use them constantly, love my wooden spoons, too.

Martha Stewart Dutch oven – very heavy when full, but you can make nice big batches of soups

And…my mom’s old cast iron skillet and many other great pots and pans.

This list is just a starting point…there are so many other helpful kitchen tools out there. For example, I love my food processor, cutting boards, kitchen scale…the list could go on and on. And on.

What are some of your faves?

Are there some that you’ve bought and been so excited about and then just don’t like or never use? Let us know.

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  1. What a great list Amy! And hear hear to the cast iron frying pan! Did you get your spatula back, I hope? I adore my le creuset pot – it is the perfect size – not too big/not too small. I use it for everything, from saffron rice to creme anglaise, and it always cooks evenly. Also, I think of my fun sister who gave it to me every time I use it. And I love my cork screw – any cork screw really.

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