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Kneads, a concept by H&S Bakery, yesterday released renderings of a new 17,000-square-foot bakeshop and cafe in Harbor East.

The space, located at 506 S. Central Avenue, will open this summer.

It will feature a commercial-sized bakeshop, private space for meetings and events, a market featuring local vendors, and an indoor/outdoor to-go window.

The cafe, decorated with bakery-themed design elements like a rolling pin installation and lights resembling baking whisks, will also feature furniture with outlets for guests to use.

“It will be a comfortable space for people to sit, unwind, do work, or just grab a coffee to go,” said Kira Paterakis, the group’s communications liaison.

“I think the city in general is missing that cafe or place where you can hang out for a while,” she said.

The concept will be H&S Bakery’s first retail space.

“We’ve never had a home base for H&S Bakery before,” Paterakis said, “We’ve never had a place where tourists or locals could experience our brand.”

The group will host baking classes and programs for Baltimore City children in the “Bakelab,” a private room with long wooden tables.

Unlike H&S, which is a commercial bakery, the bakeshop at Kneads will focus on wholesale orders for restaurant and hotel clients all over Maryland, Paterakis said.

Kneads will partner with Aveley Farms as their exclusive coffee vendor, the group announced yesterday.

The group will also obtain a liquor license for beer and wine tastings in the evening.

H&S Bakery, founded by Harry Tsakalos and Steve Paterakis in the basement of a Baltimore row home in 1943, has been in the Paterakis family for four generations.

Kneads is “a blending of old and new,” Paterakis said.

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