Baltimore Man’s Robbery Attempt Spoiled by Laughter

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Baltimore man Ryan Michael Trembly, 29, walked up to the receptionist at Annapolis’s Bubbles Hair Salon and pointed what he hoped would like a gun at her from under his shirt. He whispered, “Give me all your money.” But instead of complying, Shomari Stone laughed at him, saying, “Not today!”

Stone was still laughing when she recounted the incident to NBC’s Philadelphia affiliate a couple days later. She said it was obvious that Trembly had nothing under his shirt but his fingers. Plus, in her words, “who tries to rob a hair salon? The bank’s right there.”

After Trembly realized the faux-armed robbery attempt was a non-starter, he made a little small talk and left the store. Police later found him at his mother’s house in Curtis Bay. He was arrested and charged with attempted robbery and theft less than $1,000.

And he’s lucky he’s not a six-year-old, or he’d be suspended, too.

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