Lucky Mount Vernon-ites — You’re Getting a Trinacria, Too!

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Part of the appeal of Trinacria, the beloved Italian grocery store/cafe in Seton Hall, is its slight out-of-the-way-ness — you went to Paca Street at lunchtime because you wanted a delicious sandwich, not because you just happened to be wandering down the street anyway. But Richard Gorelick has  just let us know that Trinacria owners signed a lease on a new cafe spot in Mt. Vernon, meaning that a whole bunch of hungry Baltimoreans are about to see a large improvement on their lunch break options.

The lease is for a ground-level cafe in Gallery Tower, at the corner of Centre and Park. (There was a Five Guys there not so long ago.) This new location won’t have all the grocery staples that the century-old Trinacria does (fresh cheese! pasta in the shape of tennis rackets! really cheap wine!), but it will feature those amazing sandwiches and pastas. The restaurant is slated to open January 1. That day can’t come soon enough, if you ask me.

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