As was reported earlier this month in The New York Times, Mark Zuckerberg visited Baltimore last week as part of his Facebook IPO dog and pony show. One place he paused? The downtown headquarters of T. Rowe Price, of course, whose stake in the social media juggernaut is worth over $500 million.

Boy Wonder brought along his chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, and the two had to sneak inside.

“They were trying to avoid  a Fox 45 camera team near the building so they came in throught the service elevator,” said one person who attended the meeting. “Mark was in his hoodie, as is his M.O.”

Zuckerberg presented to the group and munched on chicken parm, pasta, and Italian bread, just like any 27-year-old (he turned 28 a few days later).  Then he was off to BWI to head back to California and more of the roadshow.

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Susan Dunn

Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founding editor and publisher of Baltimore Fishbowl.