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Baltimore City Council president wants to explore municipal broadband

The scene at City Council’s broadband hearing in 2016. Photo by Stephen Babcock.

Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young is looking to put net neutrality and municipal broadband on the agenda at City Hall.

Anne Arundel Community College Student Wins Viral Internet Fame with ‘Cheat Sheet’

Photo via Reb Beatty/Facebook

A bold interpretation of his accounting professor’s instructions for an accounting test paid off for Elijah Bowen.

A 2017 Legislative Obituary: Cannabis Licensing Expansion, Internet Privacy, Immigrant Sanctuary Policy, Polystyrene Ban

Photo by Kevin Galens – Flickr

The Maryland General Assembly enjoyed a productive 2017 session, with lawmakers from both parties working across the aisle and with Gov. Larry Hogan to craft new laws shaping Maryland’s environmental, school funding and even cownose ray-hunting policies. However, there were some notable fallen soldiers.

Baltimore Housing Brings Building Permit System Online with ePermits

Historic row houses in East Baltimore, via Wikimedia Commons

This should be music to homeowners’ and contractors’ ears: Baltimore City’s permitting process has entered the 21st century.

Free Wi-Fi Throughout Baltimore? Tech Leader Says It’s Coming Soon

Deepak Jain, founder of AiNET (left), speaks with attendees at a public discussion at the old Hutzler’s Palace building on N. Howard Street.

Baltimore will soon have free Wi-Fi throughout the city, and it will start on the west side of downtown under a plan being formulated by a Maryland businessman.

Yes, Baltimore, Please Dump Comcast



Everyone hates Comcast. No, really, everyone hates Comcast.  Even Baltimore’s Chief Technology/Information Officer admits that we’re all “paying more here for lesser service” thanks to that company’s virtual monopoly in our city. Yes, since the city signed an agreement with the internet service provider in 2004, Baltimore residents have been stuck with  service that manages to be both slow and expensive. Luckily for us, that contract expires in 2016, and Baltimore is already exploring other options for the future.

Facebookers, Do You Really Want a “Want” Button?

Uncle Sam, America’s most famous “wanter”

Facebook is adding a new verb to its repertoire — it’s another one you probably never thought you’d need a computer with Internet access to perform. Soon, Facebook users will be able to “want” things. It’s kind of like we’re robots that are slowly learning to be human.

Need Help with Your Biz Website? Google’s Coming to Lend a Hand


On Tuesday, July 17Google and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will participate in the statewide kick-off event for the Maryland Get Your Business Online program at the Legg Mason Tower in downtown Baltimore, from 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Governor O’Malley will speak at 1:30 p.m.

Hundreds of small businesses are expected to attend the launch of Maryland Get Your Business Online which is an easy and fast way for Maryland businesses to build a website and get more visibility online where the majority of people find goods and services. Google is partnering with Intuit to provide its popular Intuit Websites offerings for free, including an easy-to-build website, a customized domain name and web-hosting for one year.

For the next year, participating Maryland businesses can go to www.MarylandGetOnline.com to get a free website as well as free tools, training and resources to help their business succeed online.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sneaky Visit to Baltimore Last Week


As was reported earlier this month in The New York Times, Mark Zuckerberg visited Baltimore last week as part of his Facebook IPO dog and pony show. One place he paused? The downtown headquarters of T. Rowe Price, of course, whose stake in the social media juggernaut is worth over $500 million.

Boy Wonder brought along his chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, and the two had to sneak inside.

“They were trying to avoid  a Fox 45 camera team near the building so they came in throught the service elevator,” said one person who attended the meeting. “Mark was in his hoodie, as is his M.O.”

Zuckerberg presented to the group and munched on chicken parm, pasta, and Italian bread, just like any 27-year-old (he turned 28 a few days later).  Then he was off to BWI to head back to California and more of the roadshow.