Everyone hates Comcast. No, really, everyone hates Comcast.  Even Baltimore’s Chief Technology/Information Officer admits that we’re all “paying more here for lesser service” thanks to that company’s virtual monopoly in our city. Yes, since the city signed an agreement with the internet service provider in 2004, Baltimore residents have been stuck with  service that manages to be both slow and expensive. Luckily for us, that contract expires in 2016, and Baltimore is already exploring other options for the future.

This week, the city announced plans to hire a broadband Internet consultant to explore our other options. This is the ISP equivalent of hiring a matchmaker while you’re still in a relationship, so all signs point to an immanent breakup. In order to attract competitors, Baltimore may have to expand its current infrastructure, including expanding its fiber-optic network.


I can’t wait until the day finally comes. “Comcast,” I’ll say, staring deeply into its eyes, “It’s not me, it’s you. It’s over. Please don’t call.”

4 replies on “Yes, Baltimore, Please Dump Comcast”

  1. Couldn’t come soon enough. Ripping off the public by having the same programming on for months and months on their premium channels.

  2. I am consumed with anger about Comcast. You can not get a straight answer from anyone there and this past year has been a monthly hassle due to ever increasing charges – never mind what was agreed last August. Now I have been instructed that I MUST call them on September 9 to learn what they propose to charge this year. I’d like to picket them and have told them so. Stand by….

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