Facebookers, Do You Really Want a “Want” Button?

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Uncle Sam, America’s most famous “wanter”

Facebook is adding a new verb to its repertoire — it’s another one you probably never thought you’d need a computer with Internet access to perform. Soon, Facebook users will be able to “want” things. It’s kind of like we’re robots that are slowly learning to be human.

The company has chosen seven retailers to test the new “want” function (along with “collect” and “buy” functions, of course.) Of course it is very simply another way for companies to use social media to turn users into unpaid marketers for their products — and a way for Facebook to get closer to its goal of making money anytime anyone does anything on the Internet — but a spokesperson for Facebook is calling the “want” button a way for users to “engage with these [retailers’] collections.” Come on, guys. They’re only attempting to increase your level of engagement! Oh, and also to kill Pinterest.

I wonder if any of these companies will be selling “to get up the courage to delete my Facebook page.” Because I think I “want” that.

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