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Facebookers, Do You Really Want a “Want” Button?

Uncle Sam, America’s most famous “wanter”

Facebook is adding a new verb to its repertoire — it’s another one you probably never thought you’d need a computer with Internet access to perform. Soon, Facebook users will be able to “want” things. It’s kind of like we’re robots that are slowly learning to be human.

It Might Be One of Your Favorite Websites, but Pinterest Is Failing at Its Primary Goal


Do you Pinterest? I’ll admit, I was one of those people who struggled to understand what the website was even for. (Everyone else: “You have these boards, and you put pictures of things you like on them.” Me: “What?!”) And though now I’d say I am almost Pinterest-literate, that it has become so incredibly popular — even our governor has a Pinterest page, with boards like “Pictures I Took with My Phone” and “Goals to Move Maryland Forward” — still confuses me.