Maryland Just Passed a Bill Allowing Dentists to Prescribe Medical Marijuana

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medical marijuana revived in MarylandAmid the flurry of activity that accompanied the end of the 2016 General Assembly session in Annapolis, lawmakers passed a bill that would expand who can give out medical marijuana.

Under HB 104, more medical professionals can issue certificates for medical cannabis, meaning many will be able to use medical marijuana in their practice. The expanded list includes dentists, podiatrists, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners. The bill passed the Senate on the final day of the session. According to Americans for Safe Access, Gov. Larry Hogan is expected to sign off on the bill.

While there will be more medical practices allowed to use cannabis, the amount of spots growing the marijuana won’t be expanding. A separate bill would have allowed the state’s medical marijuana commission to dole out 10 additional licenses for growers. But the measure didn’t make it out of committee, so the maximum number of growers stands at 15.





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  1. you politicians from the local state and federal level time to go get your teeth clean and your dentures and just for coming your doctor have a bag of weed for you I remember when I went to the dentist the doctor would give me a lollipop after a visit now they giving out marijuana sad you politicians cannot do anything else but put drugs in the Community instead of passing bills for jobs and housing a man or woman can not get a job if they high off drugs remember that now we know who’s the real drug dealers are the politicians of America

  2. Weed should have never been illegal from the start. The ridiculous prohibition is being undone in an equally ridiculous way. And do you know what the real gateway drug is? It’s CIGARETTES. Cigarettes that the State of MD made $395M in 2010, dropped to $350M in 2014, as people seek black market sources due to prohibitive taxes on cigarettes. Weed is harmless. It’s foes are the Alcohol and Prescription Drug lobby because, well it’s a weed that you can grow on your own at no cost unlike the difficulty of making your own Opiates and Kentucky Whiskey.

  3. And, thanks to the prohibition on natural, harmless, enjoyable weed; we have a new industry called “synthetic marijuana” which is mostly made in China of God knows what, mostly chemicals, sold as “Bath Salts” which induce psychosis and cause people to kill themselves and others or die from heart attacks. This industry is always one step ahead of what is illegal, so there’s no stopping it. Weed never has that effect on people, ever! So instead of opting for people enjoying some sweets and going to bed feeling well fed, warm and fuzzy, our government prefers to send people to the insane asylum or the grave.

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