Maryland Parents Now Liable for Teen Parties

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Parents, don't host parties that look like this. Photo via Instagram.
Parents, don’t host parties that look like this. Photo via Instagram.

Hopefully, you haven’t been buying your teenage kids (and their friends) alcohol. But if you have been, it’s time to stop.

That’s because the state Court of Appeals ruled this week that adults who knowingly host parties where teens get drunk can face civil suits if those underage drinkers hurt someone — whether themselves or someone else — after leaving the party in a vehicle. “Underage persons are not solely responsible for drinking alcohol on an adult’s property because they are not competent to handle the effects of this potentially dangerous substance,” Judge Sally Adkins wrote in the opinion.

Even before this ruling, it was illegal for adults to allow underage drinking in their homes; now, there’s an additional penalty in place to discourage parents from doing so. And yes, the rule probably still applies even during beach week.


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