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Maryland Law Seeks to Impose Restrictions on Narcan


Restrictions on NarcanOne of the most important tools in the battle against the opioid epidemic that is ravaging the State of Maryland is naloxone.  Naloxone, which is known commonly as Narcan, is an overdose reversal medication that, when administered, reverses the depressive effect that opioids have on the nervous and respiratory systems.  The drug has saved thousands of lives in the state – and at least 1,600 lives since it was made available over-the-counter, without a prescription.

Maryland Seeks to Expand Coverage of State “Move Over” Law


emergency vehicle

Sponsored Content: Under current Maryland law, drivers who see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road are required to slow down or move one lane over, if possible, to afford more room to those emergency workers.  The goal of the law is to provide conditions that are as safe as possible for first responders.  A new law that is being proposed would expand those “move over” protections to nearly all service vehicles, including mowers and trash trucks.

What will the Impact of Maryland’s New Red Flag Law Be?



Sponsored Content: Maryland will have a new red flag law pertaining to firearms in October, and it has many wondering what the impact of the law will be. The law states that family members and law enforcement officials can petition a court to remove a person’s firearms if they are considered to be a danger to themselves or others. It comes after a shooting in a Maryland newsroom killed five people in June and will be similar to red flag laws in Florida, Delaware, New Jersey, and several other states.

“Red Flag” Law Seeks to Strengthen Gun Violence Protection Procedures


Maryland Law

Sponsored Content: Maryland lawmakers have passed legislation that would allow the court to enter an “extreme risk protective order,” which would allow authorities to seize the weapons of any individual temporarily when it is shown that the person poses an imminent threat of harm to themselves or to others.

Maryland Changes Laws Related to Evidence of Habitual Offenses


Sponsored Content: Maryland’s Republican governor and Democratically-controlled legislature heralded the passage of a swath of new laws in a celebration early last month. Many of these laws are designed to increase education funding in the state and provide new opportunities to students. However, one stands to significantly impact the ability of prosecutors to obtain guilty verdicts against sexual offenders.

Maryland’s Aggressive Driving Laws May be Changing


Aggressive Drivers

Sponsored Content: Policymakers in Maryland want to change the aggressive driving laws in the state. The proposed changes would make it easier for police to stop aggressive drivers and force alleged offenders to face individuals they affect.

Melania Trump Takes Advantage of Maryland Chastity Defamation Law



Did you know that Maryland has a chastity defamation statute? Me neither!

Maryland Parents Now Liable for Teen Parties

Parents, don't host parties that look like this. Photo via Instagram.
Parents, don’t host parties that look like this. Photo via Instagram.

Hopefully, you haven’t been buying your teenage kids (and their friends) alcohol. But if you have been, it’s time to stop.

What’s REALLY In Your Crab Cake?



Hot tip: If a restaurant advertises “Maryland-style crab cakes,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be chowing down on actual Maryland crabs. (I presume that “Maryland-style” just translates to “with lots of Old Bay dumped on top.”) This isn’t just a local issue; plenty of people have pointed out that restaurants tend to mislabel the seafood they put on their menus. But if a new state bill passes, restaurants will have to be a bit more honest about what they’re selling.

Maryland’s New Law Makes it Easier for Undocumented Immigrants to Get Driver’s Licenses



Thanks to a measure that Martin O’Malley signed into law back in May (but that didn’t go into effect until yesterday), it’s now easier for undocumented immigrants in Maryland to get driver’s licenses.

Maryland Law Banning Arsenic in Chicken Feed To be Signed This Week


Remember our post last month about how Maryland was the first state to ban arsenic in chicken feed?

The Washington Post reports that the bill will be signed into law this week. The measure has the support of the biggest of names in the poultry industry.

“Perdue stopped using feed containing arsenic in 2007. McDonald’s restaurants, pet-food supplier Purina and the Chipotle restaurant chain also disavowed its use. On its Web site, Chipotle says bluntly, ‘We think arsenic sounds a lot like poison.'”

Read Maryland Set to Ban Arsenic-Containing Drug in Chicken Feed in The Washington Post.