Maryland SAT Scores Down (Barely), AP Scores Up (Slightly)

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What are we  to do? Maryland students’ average SAT score slipped by five points on the 2,400-point test last year. Who’s to blame?

Well, with 1,800 points up for grabs in the SAT (the lowest possible score in each section is 200), an average drop of five points is pretty minuscule. If the test were scored out of 100, it would be a loss of a little more than a quarter of a point. So, I don’t know, maybe a butterfly sneezed in West Virginia, or something.

In other testing news, Maryland students registered a slight uptick in average Advancement Placement exam scores, maintaining Maryland’s position as first in the nation — not only in scores but also in participation. Passing grades increased almost 10 percent at the same time participation increased 5.4 percent — something to be proud of, for sure.

State schools Superintendent Lillian M. Lowery credits the increase to the students’ enthusiasm, saying, “Maryland students are eager to test their mettle in everything from calculus to English literature.”

Maybe, but if I ever hear an actual high schooler put it that way, I’ll eat my hat.

For more detailed score breakdowns by county, read the article in the Baltimore Sun.

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