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One Baltimore Principal Saw Her Students Getting Over-Stressed. So She Took Dramatic Action



It’s no secret that today’s high school students are under massive amounts of pressure to perform. While everyone agrees that stress levels are awful — and that they contribute to things like cheating and other bad behavior — no one seems to be able to agree on what we should do about it. Faced with an increasingly anxious student body, one Baltimore County principal decided to take matters into her own hands.

Maryland SAT Scores Down (Barely), AP Scores Up (Slightly)


What are we  to do? Maryland students’ average SAT score slipped by five points on the 2,400-point test last year. Who’s to blame?

Well, with 1,800 points up for grabs in the SAT (the lowest possible score in each section is 200), an average drop of five points is pretty minuscule. If the test were scored out of 100, it would be a loss of a little more than a quarter of a point. So, I don’t know, maybe a butterfly sneezed in West Virginia, or something.