Max Bethel Receives Global Online Academy Citation

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Gilman student Max Bethel ’17 has been awarded a Global Online Academy (GOA) Citation for his Catalyst Conference project, “Towards an End to Opiate Addiction.”

The Catalyst Conference is a global, online event for students in the GOA consortium to share projects designed to spark change in their communities. Each presentation is the culmination of a capstone project that asked students to transform learning from their courses into research-based solutions for real-world issues.

Only 20% of all presentations earned this distinction. According to GOA: “Presentations that earned this distinction demonstrated excellence by identifying and contextualizing the importance of their topic, articulating a realistic and inspiring strategy for change, and engaging visitors through creative, well-designed, multi-modal presentation pages.”

Max has a personal interest in this topic. Several people in his life have experienced addiction after being prescribed opiate painkillers after surgery or chronic pain. As a volunteer at the HIV clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital he met heroin addicts, learned their life stories and came to see them as whole people rather than simply as addicts. You can see his presentation here.

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