Md. Dog Reunites with Family After Nine Days Lost in Maine

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via CBS Baltimore
Dempsey, via CBS Baltimore

If you thought you had a hard luck story, try being a lost dog in Maine in the winter, enduring more than a week of sub-zero nights only to be hit by a car. On second thought, don’t actually try that. It wouldn’t prove anything. Well, actually, for one Severn family, it proved that miracles happen.

The Cyrways lost their dog Dempsey while on a trip in Maine after he jumped a fence and ran off. The family put up signs, offered a reward, put the call out on social media, and carried multiple searches, but eventually they had to return to Maryland for work, with Dempsey’s status unknown.

In the meantime, Dempsey was enduring extremely cold Maine nights and starving. After nine days of that, the dog was hit by a car. And believe it or not, that’s when his luck began to turn around.

A good Samaritan heard that a dog had been struck and went out in snow shoes and followed his tracks to a building where Dempsey lay “within an hour or two of dying.”

Dempsey is still in Maine recovering from surgery, but the Cyrways have traveled up to see him. Let’s get this dog back to Maryland!


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