Teacher, mom, member of the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation and participant in The Associated’s Masters program.

What was something that you took away with you from the Masters program?

I was very impressed at the high-powered volunteers in the program and that I could be connected with these people. But more than anything else, I was impressed with the incredible breadth and reach of The Associated and the important work that it does every day – locally, nationally, even internationally. The local piece touches me the most. All politics start in the backyard. And how much work The Associated does with community is really inspiring.

You also did Dor Tikvah recently. What brought you to that program?

Well, at that point, my kids were a little bit older and I was ready for my personal life to go in a different direction. I wasn’t consumed with babies anymore, and so I had a little bit more time that I could carve out for something meaningful.

With Dor Tikvah, you observed the JCC board. Did you learn anything new about the JCC?

I love the JCC. I do, I love it because what they strive to do is work with people from every niche in every part of your health and your life – from the baby classes to the Gordon Center, to the preschool, to the pools. The programming gives families well-rounded lives, and I think it’s amazing. Our community is so diverse, and the programming is designed so that every single person can feel comfortable taking advantage of what we have. Click to read full article.

The Associated Contributors

The Associated Contributors are writers from The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.