Baltimore native Lauren Sibel met Lauren George while working at the University of Maryland Medical Center, where their love of dogs, food and sarcasm helped them form a connection.

Now in a loving relationship, Lauren Sibel, who is involved in The Associated’s Young Adult Division, and Lauren George, who is Christian, share their interfaith story.

Read more about how this has been a positive and meaningful experience for both of them.

Lauren George’s insights on dating someone Jewish.

I met Lauren Sibel when I moved back to Baltimore in 2018 and started working at the University of Maryland Medical Center. I had previously trained there and already knew everyone in the office except this new girl Lauren. Our bond was initially formed while arguing over which one of us was the “OG” (original employee) and could be referred to by our coworkers as Lauren #1 (You never want to be #2 in a GI office!).

Over the next year our friendship continued to grow and turned into a relationship. We have been happily together for over three years.

Prior to meeting Lauren S., I did not have much knowledge of Judaism. I have learned so much about her faith and culture by being completely immersed in her life. Being in an interfaith relationship has been a delightful challenge.

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