As the single mother of two teenagers, Linda Miller, years ago, decided to go back to school to earn her bachelor’s degree and inspired her children to believe in the power of a good education. Today, at age 75, now a retired English teacher, Linda is pursuing her interests and passion for writing.

She recently enrolled in a class offered at the Edward A. Myerberg Center to learn how to write, post and promote her personal blogs. Twice a week the group meets, now online due to the pandemic, to learn best practices and offer peer feedback.

Here’s what Linda had to say…

Earlier Job
I worked at Good Shepherd Center, which was a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed teenage girls. It was a tough job because the girls were difficult, but I loved it. I have never had a better job. I taught English to high school girls who had big holes in their education because of their troubled background.

Always Interested in Writing
When I was around eight years old, I remember writing little poems and rhymes for my parents’ anniversary or birthday. I wrote a lot of poetry. And then, when I started teaching, I really started writing memoirs. I would give my students a week’s worth of journals. For example, I would ask them to write about a time they were sad or write about the best day of their life or a time they were scared. Naturally, I would demonstrate what I was looking for, so I also would write about a particular time in my life. And I quickly discovered that I loved doing it.

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