Mid-Day Mindset Motivator from 2 Health Nuts – “7 Ways to Feel Less Stressed”

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‘Tis the season for jingling, mingling, and “making lists and checking them twice…” And we thought those “to-do” lists could not get any longer!

Some of us thrive on mapping out our daily or weekly agendas. Let’s be honest, though, while it may feel good to place a check mark next to a completed task, don’t we, inevitably, add 2-3 more in its place? The reality is these “lists” can be the bearer of bad news…a symbol of our constantly, hectic schedules.

A recent article we came across in the Huffington Post put a different perspective on the ever growing “to-do” list. Trust us, this is one that you will not mind tackling!

“7 Ways to Feel Less Stressed” – Overhauling Your “To-Do” List

Monday: Read a book for 6 minutes – studies show this will help keep your brain sharp, sleep better, and be more understanding.

Tuesday: De-clutter your desk – stress level decreases, productivity increases!

Wednesday: Throw bad thoughts away – when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, take a moment to write down those thoughts. Studies show that by writing them out, and physically throwing them away, helps you to free your mind.

Thursday: Express gratitude – invest in a gratitude journal; while it may be difficult to think of just one, each day, write down one thing you are grateful for. Research shows you will become healthier, happier, and more positive all around!

Friday: Forgo the multitasking – focus on one task at a time! Believe it or not, multitasking increases stress!

Saturday: Take an email vacation – come on, you can do it!

Sunday: Write your worries down in a journal – time to let those thoughts go Health Nuts!

We would love to hear your suggestions!

Once again, we credit the Huffington Post’s article, “7 Ways to Feel Less Stressed” – Overhauling Your “To-Do” List, for the fantastic information!

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