A Moment of Appreciation for Mayor SRB’s Style

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For some people, the Preakness is less about the horse racing and more about the hats. Take, for example, Baltimore’s outgoing mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Her dress may be a weird combination of plaid and lace, but who could even pay any attention to the mayor’s garb when she’s got that amazing hat on her head? It’s got to have something like a four-foot diameter. I bet she had to turn sideways to walk through doors. In other words: It is perfectly, wonderfully ostentatious, exactly the right touch of classy flamboyance for the Preakness. It’s this kind of move that got Rawlings-Blake named one of the world’s best-dressed mayors by Vanity Fair.

Mayor SRB, you are ridiculous and I will miss you. Presumptive future mayor Catherine Pugh has a lot to live up to — fortunately, she owns her own clothing store.

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  1. Rachel, the hottest thing in fashion right now is plaid with an overlay of lace. Not sure why you are the fashion critic. I’m sure Katharine Pugh would agree the current mayor looks au courant and amazing.

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