More than Great Bagels, THB Bagelry & Deli is Baltimore’s Favorite Lunch Destination

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As most people are frequently on the go for their meals, bagels have always held a special place in the heart for being such a convenient, on-the-go kind of food. And one place in particular has captured the hearts of many Marylanders. Whether it’s a quick pit stop before a roadtrip or the first place you hit up with your friends after a night out in Canton Square, THB Bagelry & Deli has become the breakfast place of choice for all those who love delicious breakfast sandwiches (isn’t that everyone?).

What you might not know is that THB takes their love of food to the next level by making all of their neighborhood locations not just an amazing spot for breakfast, but for lunch as well.

THB is owned and operated by the Italian Scotto family, and the Italian influence can be seen throughout the menu and in their dedication to fresh quality ingredients and genuine hospitality. Voted as Maryland’s most beloved bagelry, THB has captivated the hearts (and stomachs) of locals who visit again and again for their breakfast and lunch cravings. Six locations in the Baltimore area are now proud to have THB as part of their community, and they have been serving up delicious flare ever since they first opened their doors. All locations feature online order kiosks, outdoor seating as well as spacious indoor seating to accommodate any type of dining experience.

THB has created a menu that caters to all tastes and styles. Breakfast is, of course, prominent, but with a menu as deeply flavored and versatile as this one, there are more than a few standout items that keep customers coming back for lunch (sometimes even twice in a day!). A popular choice is the Pizza Bagel, the perfect lunch meal made with mozzarella, a pizza sauce made in-house, and the signature Italian seasoning (which can also be found on all deli sandwiches). Another customer favorite is The Powerhouse sandwich, a hearty meal made with tomato, muenster cheese, sprouts, and mayo.

Every item on THB’s menu can be customized, whether you are ordering on the website, the myTHB app, or in person. Guests can fill up and pick out to their heart’s content, creating the perfect sandwich to satiate any lunch cravings. Even the gourmet panini sandwiches can be customized; here at THB, it’s all about what the customer wants so we can leave you feeling happy and craving seconds.

For those who want a meal that’s just bursting with deliciousness, check out the Uncle Gigi, a New York-style bagel that packs a serious punch to the taste buds. The Uncle Gigi is an everything bagel that’s been scooped, skinned, toasted, then served with chive cream cheese, muenster cheese, avocado, cucumbers, sprouts, and tomatoes. In addition to the typical and atypical deli thoroughfare at THB, the menu also features plenty of vegan options. It’s easy to create a unique vegan sandwich or make an existing item vegan by customizing it.

For another hearty entry, try The Show-Off, another THB signature that’s become a customer favorite. The Show-Off features a grilled chicken salad with bacon, lettuce, tomato, melted mozzarella cheese, and mayo, all served on a fresh-baked kaiser roll. With such hearty, fulfilling options, this place is an obvious choice as a lunch destination.

Sandwich melts are a popular food choice with customers as well. Take the veggie melt, for example— a delicious combination of veggie cream cheese and melted muenster cheese. Or choose the Tuna Melt, a great THB lunch staple served open-faced to spotlight white albacore tuna salad with melted cheese. Go for the humorous sandwiches named after famous celebrities like the Tom Selleck sandwich, which features turkey breast, coleslaw, and Russian dressing served on rye bread. For a more exotic taste, the Sophia Loren Sandwich might be preferred, a sandwich that features sliced turkey breast, roasted red peppers, and mayo served on a kaiser roll. With so many options to choose from and near-limitless customization, there’s no doubt customers will have to come back for lunch over and over again just to try everything that’s on the menu!

While THB excels in personalized breakfast and lunch meals for the individual, their capacities extend beyond single servings. THB also offers catering for events of every kind. In addition to the bagels and sandwiches, the catering menu also features salads and vegan flair for more healthy food options. Whether clients are looking for cuisine for a baby shower, Ravens tailgate with purple bagels, or corporate meeting, the wide menu offers plenty of opportunities for everyone to create the perfect spread for their event.

Coming in January, THB will debut a new and improved myTHB app, and the chain will be giving away free bagels and cream cheese with any app purchase for National Bagel Day on Saturday, January 15 at all six area locations. A portion of all sales from National Bagel Day will be donated to the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.

To learn more about THB’s lunch and catering options, visit, and be sure to followTHB on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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