Move Over French Club – At Friends School, They Restore Gorgeous Vintage Vespas

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The most complicated thing I ever made for a high school club was bleu/blanc/rouge cookies for French Club that one time. That’s nothing compared to what goes on at the Friends School of Baltimore‘s Vespa Scooter Club, where students learn how to restore and rebuild the beloved mod scooters — and do a handy job of it (evidence above). Like what you see? That gorgeous cherry red 1962 Vespa VBB 150 is available for purchase.

Led by Ramsay Antonio-Barnes, Friends School’s upper school art teacher, the club has been working on the scooter for a year and a half. Most of its original parts are intact, although the club did add on some special Friends School details.

Photo via the Quaker Quill.
Photo via the Quaker Quill.

Friends School student Gabe Watson told his school’s newspaper that he appreciates that the club provides him with a whole new set of skills to learn:  “We pride ourselves on liberal arts, and there is something to be said for that. Sadly though, the art of getting your hands dirty and learning about an engine by taking it apart is almost lost.”

The scooter will be up for silent auction this fall as part of the school’s annual Hollyfest. Thinking about buying? Check out the video above — but beware, it’s basically scooter porn (complete with sexy music!).

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  1. Where do I submit my bid. I’ll trade you my BMW but I think you have to throw in some French lesssons.

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